CityStrides Run your city, street by street.


You can see all of your activities, in one beautiful full-screen map.
On the right is the founder's map. You can zoom in/out and pan around.
It's cool, but not as cool as yours.

Get your map view

A real-world view of all that data

So that map view is cool and all, but it's just squiggly lines on a map. What does it mean?

CityStrides takes those squiggly lines and translates them to something you understand: streets.
You can know the exact streets that you have run on, and how much of your city you cover.

Compete against yourself, and try to run every street in your city.
Compete against others in the street-by-street 'king of the hill' game.

Run your streets

Here's An Example Run

This run was just prior to being a guest on the Ruby On Rails podcast.
Try it out! This is a live embed of the site.
Click on a street, and it will appear on the map.