Run your city, street by street.

CityStrides Run your city, street by street.

Get a street-level view of your running

You can see every run you've ever been on,
in one beautiful full-screen map view.

Get your map view

Citystrides map view

Track your progress

How much of your city do you run?

Can you run every street in your city?

CityStrides keeps track of which streets you run, and can help you reach the goal of running every street in your city.

Run your streets

Citystrides progress

Know your shoes

How many miles/kilometers have you run in them?

How much do they cost per mile/kilometer?

Add them to CityStrides, and you'll always know exactly everything.

Track your shoes

Citystrides shoes

A detailed view of your running

See how many steps you take each run, in each pair of shoes.

Citystrides steps

Every run you've ever been on has a detailed weather report.

Citystrides weather

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